Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Missing to write something

Being a student of course needs lots of efforts especially if you take more credits. It takes me several weeks to be used to it. To be honest, even my friends take less credits than I do, they seem stressful than me. Arrgghhhh!!!".."Bangun"..
That were things said by them especially at night.
I might confuse you currently but let me straightly point out the message.
1. Be grateful as you've given chances to have "more" but give "less".
2. In matters of facing probs, look at those who have bigger probs than you do.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Building an Inspiration

What differs us from others?
Is it a)Position? b)Wealth? c)education?
If those indicators are stated as the benchmark, of course God is unfair..Why?

A great hadith narrated by Bukhary and Muslim:
Rasul PBUH once said "Man is analogized as metal, the best they are in Islam and the best they are in Jahiliyah, with a condition they understand"
What makes me bring this prophecy is to prove that we are actually having different abilities that we master most. Some of us might greatly excel in examination, some might enormously convince everyone in speech while some might excellently be a leader.
That is the biggest reason why Muhammad PBUH used "metal" as the simple element in describing mankind and the main reason is different metals have different weaknesses and strength.

Hence, can you now relate the first and second paragraph?

If not, allow me to move on to the simple explanation.
God had given us different talents and specialties, and of course those indicators are also included....
But have we ever thought on the reason why we are created differently?
-I'll answer in the next post insyalah..:)

back to the main discussion.
It means that those indicators are kind of tests that justify either we consume it wisely or not....

"The more you possess, the bigger the test, the greater your responsibility"

What means by "responsibility"?
Of course, it's our duty to serve The Supreme Council...

Therefore, indicators that differentiate us is....:

>O mankind!
We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female
And made you into nations and tribes
That ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other).
Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you.
And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).

Here is the main indicator that either contribute to heaven or hell...
No matter how rich we are, or how intelligent we are...God does not look on those elements...He looks upon our righteousness ...

For information, I'll explain on how we could consume our abilities/specialties in being the most the unanswered statement above...:)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Pure Science VS Social Science

The basic thing is both are needed in each individual..

Simple Example:
1.Cutting using knife using force(PURE) in the same time we do in proper method(PSYCHOLOGY)
2.A Science Teacher talk(PURE) by the way there is communication between both teacher and students(SOCIOLOGY)
3.A Farmer learnt Chemistry(PURE)few days ago(HISTORY)...

Based on few examples,I strongly believed that majority of us didn't ever detected the above I was included too..

Both category are very liable each other..Their connection like a husband and wife..

Most prominant point is we should learn both of it..(like me)hehe...:)

It doesn't mean it should be formal..instead you can gain the extra knowledge through reading,surfing the internet and throughout your recent experience..

The fact showed Learning PURE Science is more difficult as it consists majority of practical that can't perform easily as SOCIAL Scince..

It's because Social Science is based on detecting your recent practical..but for the other is like learning a new practical which would create more fun when you explore deeply...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Masihkah Ada Ruang

Sejenak ku terfikir...selama hidup ku jalani...pahala dan dosa...Berapakah Kuantiti setiap itu...

hatiku tersentak dengan bayangan DOSA itu lebih cenderung untuk diperkatakan...

Seketika ku tertannya..sejauh manakah keikhlasan yang aku pahatkan dalam setiap kebaikanku..

Aku..seolah-olah berada di alam fantasi...

Kekadang ku bermain dengan teloteh fikiran kotorku...dan kekadang ku melayari bahtera dalam lautan keduniaan...

Ku merasakan bahtera itu telah membawaku ke suatu destinasi yang kurang pasti..

Tapi...yang sebenarnya...aku tertipu..tertipu dengan segala kenikmtan sementara...

Aku cuba ...bangun untuk mara...tapi..Berjayakah aKu...

Aku akan terus Melangkah...namun...


Hatiku dengan tegas mendetikkan..

Selagi mana Niatku untuk berhijrah itu terpahat teguh beserta inti Keikhlasan...

Aku percaya...Aku mampu...MAMPU menerobos onak duri di hadapanku..

Ya ALLAH...Sematkan da Teguhkan Islam,Iman dan Ihsan dalam diriku..

Dan semoga Ku menjadi Antara Hamba2 Yang dijanjkan Syurga...


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Is there any better indicator than A???

I can really detect a grumbling what sort of a topic is this...

the real truth is I would like to seek the other ways instead of valuing the quality of students by the exam


Every year the percentage of successful students is keep increasing rapidly>>>

Are we are having the situation called"LAUTAN KEPANDAIAN"(intelligent ocean)..

the effect is towards the JPA whose responsibled to scholar the quality students...

Unfortunately,there's a lot of demands but lack of sources as economy are being tumbled nowadays...

There's also an inflation occurred..... the word "intelligent" is suitable for them???

Because we can see clearly...only in the exam they scored...what about for the rest of their life???

The topic is still unanswerable...

throughout this period...the nw ideas must continues to be implented in order to seek a best leader one day....

Thursday, February 12, 2009